STOP Mask-Show Our mission is to minimize criminal and legal risks, return the seized property to the client and remove the arrests which impede the normal operation of the company so that the client could focus his efforts on his business and make profit.
Protection against raiding and acts of unfair competition The highly qualified team of professionals is always ready to become a reliable shield for your business against any encroachments by ill-wishers.
Support of inspections by controlling bodies Our lawyers are professionals in their field, and in each specific case they develop a strategy that minimizes the risks of your company and helps to avoid serious sanctions.
Foreign investments Although foreign investments into Ukraine are still risk-generating, but quite attractive.

Business protection

On April 21, 2018 Law Firm “Dominanta” organized the first South-Ukrainian seminar “Protection of Business 2018”.

The seminar brought together representatives of business, supervisory bodies and leading lawyers in one hall. The event aroused great interest among the participants. Many wishes were expressed for continuing and organizing more such seminars. Taking into account the relevance and urgency of the issues, the idea to establish a new practice of “Business protection” has emerged.

Business is a fragile organism requiring, like all living things, constant development and largely dependent on the environment. The conditions in which the Ukrainian business exists can be accurately characterized with the phrase “not owing to, but despite of” as the general economic recession, successive political and currency crises, lack of trust in government bodies and general corruption.

In addition to all, the harsh reality is such that any company can be subject to criminal prosecution regardless of how legitimately it conducts its business.

The democratic Criminal Procedure Code of 2012, unfortunately, often becomes the main means of pressure on business and people.

This Code established a simple procedure for opening criminal proceedings. Any statement, regardless of its validity, is registered in the Unified Register of Prejudicial Inquiries and is investigated using the entire set of investigative actions: searches, interrogations, arrests of property with a certain gravity and secret investigative actions.

In 2012, there were about two and a half thousand searches, and by the end of 2017 – more than 100 thousand times. That is, their number increased by 45 times!

What does this mean? Is it about criminalization of business? The issue is about a banal pressure using such a convenient tool.

This opinion is confirmed by the ratio of the number of business searches to the number of convictions under the economic articles which is below 5%.

The rights of pre-trial investigation bodies are very wide, and judicial control is not effective enough. This is often used by various raider groups or unscrupulous competitors.

As we can see, the Ukrainian business is in Spartan conditions. But anything that does not kill makes us stronger!

There is a statement that any problem can be solved for money. We are sure of our own experience that this judgment is wrong. Not always money can help! But what will help is a properly structured multilevel business protection system. That is what you need to aim efforts and means at! Only a profound analysis and working out a clear algorithm of actions can guarantee you comfortable development of business. And this requires significant efforts and the involvement of relevant experts and consultants.

Lawyers of Law Firm “Dominanta” will help you in the issue of protecting your business. Our highly qualified lawyers have a huge long-term experience in countering raiders, unscrupulous law enforcement officers, and state supervisory bodies. Our experts do not work in the traces. In each case, we develop a unique strategy and tactics.

Remember that it is always easier to prevent negative consequences than to deal with them after they occur. The team of advisors of the lawyers’ association will conduct training for your personnel on how to behave, what to do and what should not be done during searches and interrogations. We will teach you the rules of information security, the rules of document management and data storage using the “paperless office” system

We will develop a multi-level protection structure for your assets which significantly reduces the risks of their loss.

We will monitor tax audits as well as inspections by the State Service of Ukraine on Labor and other controlling bodies.

We will return the confiscated and distrained property.

We will unblock the activities of your company.

You can read more detailed information in sections:

  • “Stop Mask-Show”
  • Structuring a multilevel business protection system
  • Protection against raiding and acts of unfair competition
  • Support of inspections by controlling state bodies

The scheme of cooperation with our company is as follows:

  • Consultation in the office of Law Firm Law Firm “Dominanta”
  • Determination of customer needs
  • Signing of an agreement on attorney’s service
  • Development and implementation of a reliable structure for business protection

With us your business is safe!