Labor Law

One of the keys to effective business management is unquestionably a coherent and well-organized team of employees. To ensure the formation of such a valuable asset, employers should carefully approach to the registration of labor relations and provide the observance of rights of employees.

Recent trends in the labor market indicate that the government has begun to pursue an active policy of combating “envelope wages”. Besides, the expansion of the powers of supervisory bodies and the grounds for conducting inspections, as well as eye-watering penalties for violations of labor legislation, do not give employers the right to make a mistake, because it can cost the lion’s share of the company’s budget.

At the same time, no less significant risks for employers lie in the company’s activities, for example: the problem of attracting the employee to full financial responsibility and recovery of material damage due to the fact that the relevant contract was not concluded with him on time; disclosure of information containing commercial secrets, which led to the loss of competitive advantages of business; the use of confidential information about the company by a dismissed employee for the purpose of its “cloning”, as well as many other “pitfalls” of labor relations.

Our company offers employers to absolve themselves of the burden of this responsibility and ensure that all necessary measures are taken to regulate relations with your personnel. Our attorneys on labor issues have a unique practical experience in organizing the structure of cooperation between the employer and the work collective.

The guarantee of the high quality of the provided legal services is undoubtedly the team of our lawyers. It includes: 6 attorneys, 5 leading lawyers (two of them are candidates of legal science), 3 teachers of legal disciplines of higher educational institutions. The main principle of the activities of our consultants is a constant increase in the level of professionalism, which is provided by participation in international scientific conferences and intra-corporate seminars, publications on web-sites as well as in legal blogs and the media. The lawyers of Law Firm “DOMINANTA” will provide the maximum protection of an employer (the owner of a business) in all possible aspects.

The scheme of cooperation with our company is as follows:

  • a preliminary meeting at the office to determine the specifics of work of the company, its staff and the needs of legal regulation;
  • the customer chooses a package of necessary services;
  • signing a contract for the provision of legal services;
  • giving the finished result to the customer in the most convenient way for him.

Besides, we offer cooperation for out-staffing companies in the field of registration, organization and support of their activities as well as assistance in organizing contractual work.

For those employers who have decided to formalize or interact with existing employees independently, we recommend:

  1. to approve the staff schedule with the required number of employees of certain positions (if the number of staff is greater than the number of employees accepted – it is necessary to notify the employment service about vacancies or they will face a fine);
  2. the employers who are individual entrepreneurs must necessarily conclude employment contracts with employees in written form;
  3. to notify the tax service BEFORE the actual commencement of the employee’s performance of labor functions, otherwise they will face a fine!
  4. to approve the necessary internal documentation and familiarize the employee with it when hiring (appointment order, internal labor regulations, job description, instructions on labor protection);
  5. to ensure compliance with the requirements for labor protection in the company (to provide training and enrollment in the engineer’s occupational safety, conduct all kinds of instructions, etc.).

The above list of actions is only part of the amount of work that is to be done in a company, where there is at least one employee. You can spend a lot of time and effort for self-registration of workers, but the pitfalls of labor legislation, ambiguous wording and legal collisions will prevent you from doing so in every way. In order to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises in the form of fines and orders from supervisory bodies, improper performance of duties by employees, embezzlement, we recommend to seek legal assistance from professionals.

We work for your success!