Representation and protection of your interests in any courts and at all stages of court proceedings. Oral and written advice on the appeals to court. Preparation of a statement of claim, other procedural documents / statements.
Support for the enforcement of court decisions. Obtaining executive documents, appeal against the actions of executor.

Court practice

Litigation practice

It is unfortunately very often that the conflicting parties fail to resolve a dispute through peaceful negotiations. At the same time, if you have not reached a common denominator with the opposing side, and you are not planning to backdown from your positions, then it’s time to resort to one of the most effective, and what is equally important, legal ways to resolve disputes – to apply for the protection of your rights and interests in court.

Court practice

According to the legislation, citizens have the right to independently protect their rights and interests in court, or to participate in the process through a representative. Moreover, the presence of a representative does not deprive a citizen of the right to take part in the hearing independently and vice versa accordingly.

Every citizen, in one way or another, is certainly familiar with the general rules of law based on the knowledge acquired in the framework of the school course of law, or based on information received, for example, from the media. However, this is often not enough to effectively protect own rights.

Protecting interests in court is a complex of procedural measures, starting from the preparation of documents, their submission to the court and ending with the execution of the decision. In the end, it is very important that at each stage there is no “failure”. Having decided to take part in the trial on your own, or having resorted to the services of an unqualified specialist, you should understand that there is a high probability of significant complications in achieving the final result – effective protection of rights and interests.

Law Firm “DOMINANTA” successfully began its activities in the legal field of Odessa back in 2003. Since the company was established, our experts have won more than seven hundred lawsuits in civil, corporate, and administrative disputes. This success was made possible by the exceptional experience and professionalism of the staff, who are constantly improving their skills and knowledge at various seminars and conferences. The inconstancy and variability of legislation in Ukraine requires constant and systematic monitoring of existing editions and studying new regulatory acts.

From there, timely analysis of innovations and updating legislation is an integral attribute and quality of a modern lawyer or an attorney.

Representation of your interests in judicial bodies of any instances and specializations, support for the execution of decisions and protection from the execution of “doubtful” judicial orders – all these legal issues are successfully resolved by our experts.

Court practice