Tax audit support

The activities of a company of any level is periodically subject to inspections by the fiscal bodies. Vesting the controlling body with powerful functions in today’s reality already causes a conflict of interest by itself, and it often leads to the violation of rights of a taxpayer. However, things are not as hopeless as it seems at first glance, and if you getarmed with knowledge of legislation and adhere to a deliberate strategy, you can effectively protect your rights.

It should be remembered that the violation of your rights often begins almost immediately, as soon as the controlling bodies cross the threshold of your company. When inspections are conducted, in order to realize their fiscal function, the controlling bodies try to derive the maximum economic benefit from the company. Using various forms and methods, including not legitimate ones, fiscal officials intimidate employees and often receive all the necessary information and opportunities for fixing identified violations.

During inspections, even experienced managers and accountants often become embarrassed, since it is difficult to be impartial in such situations. The psychological pressure on the part of inspectors coupled with ignorance of the taxpayer as to his rights deprive him of the opportunity to effectively defend his interests.

The timely assistance provided during the support of a tax inspection will help to avoid many negative consequences at the earliest stage of communication with fiscal authorities. Law Firm “DOMINANTA”, having many years of experience in supporting tax inspections and qualified specialists in the field of taxation and tax planning, will help prevent an illegal inspection or minimize risks if the inspection is inevitable.

The qualifications of our employees, backed by many years of practice, are a guarantee of legal security for your business.

Your cooperation with us will be unsophisticated and comfortable to the maximum.

  1. Initial consultation
  2. (determination of your needs, our tasks and the type of legal support which will be the most optimal precisely based on the specifics of your activities);

  3. Execution of a contract;
  4. Examination of the subject of inspection, verification of the business process scheme and provision of recommendations to eliminate the “gaps” in the protection and to build the line of conduct during the inspection.
  5. Immediate presence (if necessary) and advice on all inspection issues.
  6. Possibility of further subscriber services (if you prefer).

The range of services provided by Law Firm “DOMINANTA” is very wide and it enables us to cover all areas subject to inspection.

Services Standard




Consultation on the procedure for conducting inspections, provision of recommendations on interaction with inspectors. + +
Risk analysis prior to inspection and elimination of risks. + +
Verification of the legality of grounds for conducting the inspection + +
Check of the legality and substantiation for tax information requests + +
Preparation of responses to requests for tax information before inspection. + +
Support at the stage of admission to inspection, including the registration in the inspection log and analysis of the possibility of non-admission of inspectors, drawing up an act on the non-admission to inspection. + +
Preparation of responses to requests for documents and information during inspection. +
Support and control over the provision of original documents for inspection +
Control over the timing of inspections +
Preparation of objections to inspection results +
Control over the actions of controlling bodies during the inspection and observance of rights of the taxpayer by them +

The bodies of the State Fiscal Service are empowered by current legislation to carry out in-office, documentary (scheduled and unscheduled; on-site and remote) and physical inspections.

An in-office inspection is conducted at the premises of a body of the State Fiscal Service solely on the basis of the data specified in the taxpayer’s tax report without his presence and it does not require any special decision of the head of the controlling authority.

A planned documentary inspection is the verification with the objective to examine the timeliness, reliability, completeness of the calculation and payment of all taxes and duties provided by the Tax Code, as well as compliance with foreign exchange and other legislation, based on tax reporting, accounting data and primary documents. It should be provided for in the planning schedule of scheduled documentary inspections, and it is conducted on the basis of the order of the head of the controlling body. The controlling body is obliged to warn the taxpayer about its carrying out not less than 10 days prior to the beginning.

A documentary unscheduled inspection can be on-site and remote and is carried out exclusively in cases defined by the Tax Code of Ukraine. A copy of the order for conducting a documentary unscheduled inspection must be handed over to the tax payer before the start of the inspection.

The physical inspection is carried out at the place where the tax payer performs his activities, the economic or other objects of the ownership right of such a tax payer are located. Such an inspection is carried out by the fiscal authorities solely with respect to the compliance with the procedure for the execution of settlement transactions by the tax payer, the conduct of cash transactions, the availability of licenses, patents, certificates, including certificates of state registration, production and turnover of excisable goods, compliance with legislation on the conclusion of employment contracts by the employer, registration of labor relations with employees (hired persons).

The line of conduct of the tax payer and the ways to protect his interests during inspections of different types may differ significantly.

When conducting tax inspections, the tax inspectors are often guided solely by fiscal position, which can be briefly described as “no violations – we will think them up”. Not rare are the cases when the subjects of economic activities themselves, making minor mistakes in their activities due to ignorance, provide the inspectors with grounds for conducting inspections, which in turn can lead to serious problems for their business. That is why it is very important to receive timely assistance of a qualified specialist who will ensure the observance of your rights and protect your interests.

Being warned is being saved!

The key to the successful passage of an inspection is the correct preparation for its conduct, which makes it possible to eliminate existing mistakes in advance, to develop a clear position for each operation and to back it up with documents. The lawyers of Law Firm “DOMINANTA” will defend your rights and protect your interests in case of their violation by the inspecting authorities, record such violations, ensuring your win in court.