Support of large deals

The success of a complex transaction is always long hours of hard work of the whole team, which includes a detailed analysis and study of all possible risks and details which are undesirable to occur, but possible if you make the slightest mistake. As a rule, the subject of a significant transaction is real estate or other assets that have significant value and significance for the parties, therefore it is so important to protect our customers as much as possible from all associated risks, including invalidation of the transaction.

When planning a transaction, special attention should be paid to the preparatory stage, since mistakes made at this stage may have negative consequences for the entire transaction. This stage includes negotiations with the counterparty, drafting contracts, agreeing with all interested parties, obtaining approvals for the transaction from the general meeting of shareholders of companies and anti-monopoly authorities. A common mistake at this stage is non-compliance with the procedure for negotiating the transaction. Business entities are at risk of challenging if they enter into significant transactions in violation of the procedure for their approval. Therefore, at the preparatory stage, it is important to take into account the organizational and legal form of the counterparty and the procedure for approving significant transactions stipulated by the constituent documents.

Having completed all preparatory procedures, the most crucial stage begins – the conduct of the transaction itself. Its duration depends not only on the complexity and number of parties, but also on its proper organization. For example, when concluding a transaction, it may be necessary to sign a contract before a notary, to visit a bank to conduct cashless payments and state registration of changes made. All of these actions can scarcely ever be carried out in one day. However, delaying this process for several days is undesirable because there are additional risks, for example, for a buyer who has made a money transfer but has not registered his ownership.

Owing to their long-term experience in supporting significant transactions, the experts of the Law Firm “DOMINANTA” have developed the most efficient ways of structuring them, which makes it possible to conduct even the most complex transnational transactions as soon as possible – usually in one day. If it is necessary to simultaneously support a transaction in several places, our experts will arrange everything in advance so that you spend the minimum of your time to achieve the desired result – a deal in one day. These and other features of our activities enable the Law Firm “DOMINANTA” to be a perfect partner in the process of supporting significant transactions of any complexity.

Our team will use all reasonable diligence to make our cooperation pleasant, fruitful and operational.

Cooperation scheme (according to the type of page on Registration of LLC)

  • Visit to the office of the consulting law firm “DOMINANTA” for information on the upcoming transaction and its terms
  • Visit to the office of the consulting law firm “DOMINANTA” for information on the upcoming transaction and its terms
  • Development of the most secure and profitable transaction structure that allows you to optimize your expenses
  • Coordination of a draft agreement, obtaining all necessary approvals and source documents
  • Conducting the transaction and transferring the finished package of documents to the customer

Our peculiarity is in an individual approach to each customer taking into account all the details and applying maximum efforts in order to make our cooperation as efficient and profitable as possible. We will help not only to minimize your risks, but also to carry out optimization of associated expenses, and the amount of savings, as a rule, is several times higher than the cost of our legal services. The deep knowledge of corporate, antitrust, tax, competition laws and transfer pricing legislation by our lawyers will allow you to successfully run your business and be confident in its result.

Our team pays special attention to structuring of transactions. We provide legal support services at the following stages:

  • consideration of the transaction scheme which its security level and the amount of associated costs depend on;
  • negotiating with counterparties to agree on all terms of the transaction;
  • drawing up a letter of intent or a preliminary contract in which all essential conditions are settled on a mandatory basis: price (advance payment), obligations and rights of the parties, terms, transaction mechanism, guarantees of fulfilling obligations (letter of credit, bank deposit, pledge, letter of comfort);
  • control over compliance with corporate and antitrust procedures required for approval of a transaction;
  • development of all contracts stipulated by the plan of the transaction, coordination of their terms with counterparties, notary, bank and all interested parties;
  • carrying out the transaction itself and the state registration of finished documents;
  • support and launch of business processes after the acquisition of the asset and the implementation of the proposed operational scheme.

When supporting significant transactions, Law Firm “DOMINANTA” provides related services in the following areas:

  • preparation of legal reports on the possibility of recognizing contracts as invalid or unconcluded;
  • conducting a transaction alongside with the creation of a joint venture in jurisdictions with a favorable taxation treatment;
  • expert opinion on the possibility and risks for the transaction under the scheme proposed by counterparties;
  • tax planning and its optimization;
  • advice on the protection of the rights of shareholders, founders;
  • carrying out legal due diligence of the transaction for compliance with the requirements in the field of foreign investment and currency control.

We will provide you with an individual approach and put the most efforts for the transaction you are interested in to become another step towards the success of your business.