Support and protection of foreign investments

Protect your investments!!

Although foreign investments into Ukraine are still risk-generating, but quite attractive.

On the one hand, the level of corruption in the country, the unstable legislation and the lack of truly independent judicial system make such investments risky enough, but this risk causes a fairly high profitability of a business and availability of many unoccupied niches. In combination with relatively low cost of labor and assets, these factors keep on attracting investors.

The path of an investor is rather thorny and it conceals a lot of implicit dangers, and therefore one cannot follow it without experienced support.

Here is just a little something of the risks which we will protect you from

You risk without us to

Lose your money because of:

  • deceit (fraud) of other persons;
  • illegal actions of officials of state or supervisory bodies;
  • cancellation or invalidation of a contract according to which an investee has been acquired;
  • requisition (confiscation) of an investment object;
  • application of penal sanctions by state bodies for law violation;
  • impossibility to legitimately withdraw your investments or profits;
  • loss of assets due to late detection of claims of property or financial nature by other persons.

We guarantee you:

  • he legal “cleanliness” of an investment object and the contracts concluded within the framework of this operation;
  • the legality of an investment scheme and the possibility to legitimately withdraw profits and investment funds from Ukraine afterwards;

Protection against:

  • unfair counterparties;
  • loss of assets and raider actions.

It is the understanding of all risks and knowledge of domestic and international legislation that makes it possible to build a scheme of your investments in such a way as to avoid the danger of losing your assets and take timely measures to protect them. Although it is difficult to make head or tail of the investment legislation by yourself – you always have the opportunity to rely on the knowledge and experience of our experts.

Law Firm “Dominanta” provides a full range of assistance in all matters related to investment: starting with the development of a model to lead the investments into the country, legal and technical support of all stages, and as a result you receive a finished product.

We will lead you past the “icebergs” of Ukrainian legislation while ensuring the full protection of your investments.

In addition to legal support, we will provide you with comfort and assistance in technical issues (from providing physical escort of an investor, ensuring their safety and arranging accommodation to furnishing representative services).

We are a rapidly growing and developing team and we can clearly feel the needs of our customers in the rapidly changing legal and economic environment. Our dynamism and experience is the key to your success with us. With our help you will provide yourself with absolute safety and confidence in the future!

The key to our success is the cohesive team of highly qualified experts comprising 6 attorneys and 5 leading lawyers with two candidates of legal science among them.

If you have decided to cooperate with Law Firm “Dominanta”, for our part, we will make every effort to ensure your convenience and maximize your time savings. The scheme of cooperation is as simple as possible:

  • meeting and consulting in the office of Law Firm “Dominanta” where you will outline your wishes and expectations
  • studying the situation and choosing the most optimal model of cooperation enabling to maximize cost optimization
  • executing a contract for provision of the legal services
  • implementing the legal support and our proposed model of cooperation
  • subscriber legal support of your activities (if necessary)

The individual approach to each client taking into account all the features of the activities makes our cooperation as effective and enjoyable as possible.

In the sphere of investment, we provide services in the following areas:

Consulting services:

  • Assistance in finding investment opportunities;
  • Analysis of possible forms for investment to achieve the intended eventual outcome with the development of recommendations (an action plan);
  • Economic and legal analysis (due diligence) of an ongoing business which is considered as an object for investment, assessment of possible risks;
  • Inspection of counterparties and their business reputation;
  • Selection and development of the transaction structure, outlining of an optimal investment scheme;
  • Support of a transaction at all stages as well as support of the activities in the future;
  • Marketing analysis;
  • Tax planning;
  • Legal advice on corporate law;
  • Consultations in the field of transfer pricing;
  • Development of a scheme to withdraw investments;
  • Transactions and banking law;
  • Compliance check.

Representative and legal services:

  • Representation of an investor during negotiations;
  • Registration of enterprises, representative offices and branches. Legal protection of property rights as well as personal rights of the investor;
  • Financial and accounting support;
  • Purchase of land property to carry on business in ownership or on lease;
  • Purchase of a real estate unit (a building, a structure) to carry on business in ownership or on lease;
  • Participation in auctions, tenders and other procedures for the sale of investment objects;
  • Provision of participation in tender procedures for the public procurement;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Support of import and export operations;
  • Support of construction projects;
  • Assistance in selecting a general contractor, verification of the contractor and the counterparty;
  • Obtaining of a tax payer number for non-residents;
  • Prolongation of maturity dates in the foreign-economic activities;
  • Representation in courts of general, economic and administrative jurisdiction as well as in the international commercial arbitration;
  • Obtaining residence permits and work permits;
  • Obtaining citizenship.

Related services

  • Meeting and physical escort of investors;
  • Provision of transfer and provision with travel documents;
  • Reservation of accommodation and human;
  • Services of physical security;
  • Legalization in the territory of Ukraine.

How we can help you:

  1. Purchase or construction of real estate.
  2. Purchase of a ready business or its organization from scratch on a “turn-key” basis and preparation to start its operation.
  3. Opening and use of offshore/onshore companies or companies in other low-tax jurisdictions.
  4. Merger and take-over practices.
  5. International tax planning (optimization of taxation).

Possible stages of support:

  • preliminary (development of an investment model, definition of tasks and the ways to complete them);
  • analysis of an investment project, advising on the optimal forms of investment;
  • support of purchase or creation of real estate, business and other assets on a “turnkey” basis;
  • full support of operation (from assistance in starting a business, return of invested funds and receiving of profit or fulfilment of other tasks and support of current activities);
  • accounting and managemental support of your business;
  • guaranteeing business protection.

The development of an individual investment model and a business structure reliably eliminates all risks of losses of an investment object, guarantees its security against claims by law enforcement agencies or other third parties.

The cost of the initial consulting services on investment issues is 200 US Dollars only. It includes meeting of a customer at the airport and transferring to the place of accommodation, if necessary.

Your interests are the priority of Law Firm “Dominanta”. We strive for absolute trust and parity in relations with our customers.

Our main principles:

  • Openness, honesty and decency
  • Professionalism and efficiency
  • Confidentiality
  • Effectiveness

We work for your success exceeding your expectations!