Registration of companies Registration of legal entities. Selection of organizational and legal form of legal entity. Assistance in selection of optimal taxation system. Registration of enterprises with foreign capital and non-resident founders in Ukraine.
Liquidation of business Selection of the best way to liquidate a legal entity. Preparation of a decision of participants on liquidation of legal entity. Support of inspections. Submission of documents to the state registrar.

Business registration and liquidation

Registration and liquidation of companies

Over the years, one of the main business profiles of Law Firm “Dominanta” is the support of businesses: registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, comprehensive support of enterprises, reorganization of legal entities, making changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Social Entities, as well as termination of business of individual entrepreneurs and liquidation of legal entities.

Benefits of registering a business with us

Regardless of the kind of activity, business in Ukraine is reflected in companies (various types of organizational and legal forms). Dozens of times we came across cases when the owners selected incorrect types of activities for their business, and it resulted in significantly increased expenses of money and time for creating and conducting their activities. The choice of an optimal form for conducting your business, as well as the selection of the most suitable taxation system will release you from unnecessary trouble. After spending only 20 minutes with the experts of our company, you continue your work, and we, in turn, are engaged in all the peculiarities of the selected areas: development and preparation of constituent documents taking into account the peculiarities of your business, preparation of an application for registration of the company, visits to the state registrar, registration with a tax authority, opening a bank account, obtaining a seal, etc.

Liquidation of business

The business liquidation process itself takes a long time, since it involves a multi-stage process. In case of business liquidation, we will offer the optimal form for ending your business activities. Preparation of a decision on liquidation, appointment of a liquidation commission, proper preparation of a separation balance sheet, closing of bank accounts, preparation of a list of documents required for liquidation of a company in tax authorities, exclusion of entries from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Social Entities. Owing to the experience gained, our company’s experts will help you choose a concept for conducting your business and perform all the necessary steps for its appropriate registration with your minimum participation in these processes.