Business registration

Registration of Business Entity

In order to run your own business in Odessa, you do not always need to register an LLC. Sometimes it is enough to register just a BE. This organizational and legal form is ideal for entrepreneurs who are engaged in trade or providing services.

Registration of a BE (registration a business entity) widely used in everyday life. This organizational and legal form is correctly called SP (registration of a sole proprietor). You can often hear as the registration of FOP (in Ukrainian – fizychna osoba-pidpryiemets).

To register as an SP is the easiest way to become a subject of entrepreneurial activity.

In addition, the cost of registering an SP is much lower than when registering other organizational and legal forms.

In order to register a FOP (SP, BE), the following documents must be submitted to the registration authorities:

  • the passport of the physical person being registered as an entrepreneur;

  • ITN (individual tax number);

  • the application (Form 10).

Why is it still worth contacting lawyers if the procedure of registering a BE is so simple?

The main difficulties with this issue arise when selecting the activities and the taxation system of the future BE. The entrepreneur must choose a single tax group (1 – 3) or make a decision on using the general taxation system. It is also necessary to decide whether the VAT is needed?

The specialists of our law firm will help you in the most correct way to choose activity codes (Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities) for registering a BE.

This issue is important in view of the fact that some activities in Ukraine are subject to licensing, and not all activities can be carried out as a SP. We will also help you determine the most optimal form of taxation when registering a BE taking into account the specifics of your activities.

The choice of the correct form of taxation is an important factor in view of the fact that according to the Tax Code certain activities are restricted when using the simplified taxation system. As we can see at first glance, an easy procedure presupposes strict compliance with the requirements for registration.

The experts of our company will provide you with the necessary legal assistance at all stages of registering and performing activities as an SP.

The scheme of our cooperation will be as follows:

Consultation in the office of Law Firm “Dominanta”

Determination and selection of a package of services

Obtaining necessary information from the customer

Registration of the BE and its registration in tax authorities

Transfer of the document on the registration of BE to the customer

Customer support

if necessary

Our services on registration of an SP are divided into three packages:


900 UAH.


1,750 UAH.


2,500 UAH.

period of registration – 24 hours

all the same as Standard and additionally

all the same as Optimal and additionally

legal advice of a lawyer as to registering a BE

transition to the simplified taxation system

support in opening a bank account

selection of activities (Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities)

order of a seal

support in registration of an electronic digital signature (EDS)

filling in an application for the state registration of a BE

accounting and tax advice:

  • tax analysis of planned situations

  • legal analysis of tax consequences and risks

registration of a VAT payer

submission of documents and state registration of the BE


receipt of an extract of state registration of the SP


* administrative, notarial fees and expenses associated with the registration of an SP shall be paid by the client separately. Such payments include: the cost of a power of attorney, the cost of a notarized card with a sample of signature and seal, the cost of printing, payment for bank services of opening an account

If you register a BE by yourself, we recommend that you follow the following steps:

  • selection of economic activities (Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities)

  • choice of a taxation system. It is important to take into account the fact that there are restrictions both on the profit limit and on the list of activities when using the simplified taxation system;

  • filling in an application for state registration of a BE and submitting it to the registration service of the city of Odessa;

  • obtaining an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations. The extract contains information on the registration number of the taxpayer’s registration card, the place of residence of the sole proprietor, the date and number of the entry in the Unified State Register, the date and number of records on registration with the Fiscal Service and the Pension Fund of Ukraine as well as data on the types of economic activities.

  • One of the steps necessary to ensure the normal functioning of a business entity is the opening of a current account in a bank.

So, we can conclude that registration of a sole proprietor is not a complicated procedure, but it requires a focused and high-quality implementation of all stages of registration.

The specialists of Law Firm “Dominanta” will help you save time when registering as a sole proprietor and protect you from possible risks.

The registration procedure of a sole proprietor (a SP or a FOP or a BE) is carried out by us within 24 hours. When contacting our legal company for the registration of a BE, you will receive a high-quality service within a reasonable time.

We work for your success!