Registration of LLC Registration of a limited liability company. Obtaining a single tax payer certificate. Obtaining a VAT payer certificate. Selection of an optimal taxation system for the company.
Registration of Joint-Stock Companies Organization and conduct of necessary activities for the registration of a JSC. Registration of constituent documents. Representation of interests of shareholders in legal relations with the NSC.
Registration of Business Entity Registration of an individual entrepreneur. Selection of an optimal taxation form. Obtaining a single tax payer certificate. Opening a bank account and making a seal.
Registration of social organizations Assistance in selecting an organizational and legal form of a public or charitable organization. Development of constituent documents of a social organization, charity fund and their state registration. Obtaining non-profit status and further legal support.
Registration of Foreign Companies Despite the recent global trends in the field of deoffshorization and the active efforts of many world governments to stop the outflow of capital in tax-free jurisdictions, offshore companies (from the English “outlandish”) have not lost their relevance. Here are just some of the reasons to register an offshore company.

Company registration

Registration of Legal Entities

After making a decision to do your own business or create a public and charitable organization (non-profit organizations), you will face the need to choose the organizational and legal form to carry out your activities. The legislator provides a wide choice: a limited liability company (LLC) or an additional liability company, a joint-stock company (JSC), a general partnership, a limited partnership as well as types of non-profit organization. It may be a public organization or a public union, a charitable association, institution or foundation. In order to organize entrepreneurial activities, it is sometimes enough to register as an SP (a sole proprietor) or it is more often called as a BE (a business entity). This organizational and legal form is ideal for entrepreneurs who are engaged in trade or providing services to the public.

LLC (PLC) is the most common form for business organization. This is due to the ease and convenience in using this type of legal entity.

The most acceptable organizational and legal form for large enterprises with a large number of participants is a joint-stock company (JSC).

When registering legal entities, you will encounter the need to:

  • prepare constituent documents in accordance with the legislation;
  • define the structure of executive bodies (director, directorate), restriction of their powers;
  • correctly define the codes of economic activities (Ukrainian Industry Classification System);
  • determine the list of required documents and submit them for registration in a proper way;
  • chose a taxation system or determine the need for registration as a VAT taxpayer;
  • open an account and conclude a banking service agreement.

Register your firm (company) in Odessa or Odessa region with our assistance. The optimal price for services, extensive experience and well-coordinated work of our team will enable you to register a non-profit organization, an enterprise or a sole proprietor in a good manner and with minimal amount of financial and time resources. At the same time, we will spend a minimum of your time.

The team of our attorneys and lawyers will support the registration of your business and will ensure easy and quick passage of the relevant stages of such procedure.

The lawyers of Law Firm “Dominanta” will provide:

  • advice on choosing the organizational and legal form of the future legal entity (LLC, JSC, sole proprietor or public organization);
  • selection of a name of the future legal entity and its verification, because it may already be taken;
  • services for the selection of activity codes in accordance with the Standard Industrial Classification (an important issue in this procedure is whether your activities are subject to licensing);
  • development of statutory documents of a limited liability company (LLC) or an additional liability company, a joint-stock company (JSC), a general partnership, a limited partnership, a public organization or a charitable foundation focused on the direction of your activities;
  • determination of the most optimal taxation system. It is important to take into account the fact that there are restrictions both on the profit limit and on the list of activities when using the simplified taxation system;
  • filling in an application for state registration of a legal entity and its submission to the registration service, support of the registration of the company and posting to the accounts;
  • services on registration of enterprises with foreign capital and non-resident founders in Ukraine;
  • registration of foreign representative offices;
  • assistance in opening current accounts in a bank and concluding a contract for banking services, which is one of the necessary steps to ensure the normal functioning of the business entity.

Having used our legal services, you will make sure that their cost is absolutely justified by the quality. Having granted us the authority, you are completely excused from the fuss and bother associated with the registration of your legal entity. We will help to register an enterprise or non-profit organization in Odessa in the shortest possible time. All we need from you is just to visit a notary, to issue a power of attorney, and to have a talk with us in the office with the goal of accurately drawing up the constituent documents that correspond to your interests. We will do the rest ourselves!