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It should be noted that the value-added tax (VAT) is one of the most complicated and complicated taxes, but some activities initially leave no choice predetermining the need to be its payer.

Owing to many years of practical work with the VAT payers, our lawyers are aware of all the opportunities that can be gained as a VAT payer and of the intricacies when working with this complex tax.

Voluntary and obligatory registration of a VAT payer

The acting legislation stipulates that registration of a VAT payer may be on a mandatory or voluntary basis. A business entity is subject to the obligatory registration of a VAT payer when its turnover during the last 12 calendar months has totaled more than 1 million UAH. (it is relevant only to companies using the “general” taxation system).

On a voluntary basis, any person who carries out or plans to carry out economic activities can be registered as a VAT payer. It is also possible to register a company that has just been created as a VAT payer when registering a legal entity /sole proprietor.

Hurdle race

It would seem that there is nothing easier than to register as a VAT payer, because the state is interested in having the business pay taxes. It seems that the deadlines for submitting the necessary documents are clearly stated, and a document sheet of the corresponding application according to a certain form is easy to find and there are even examples of how to fill it in. But, unfortunately, the practice shows that even registration as a VAT payer is often something like an obstacle race for entrepreneurs and companies. Everything that seemed easy and understandable at first glance, turned out to be costly both in time and in the amount of effort made. A great number of companies encounter difficulties in this matter regardless of the form of ownership and types of their activities. For example, many companies fill in the appropriate form incorrectly. So, one of the most common mistakes of new companies is failure to indicate the number of employees. However, proceeding from the logic of things, if you have a company, then there is also a director who is likely to be a hired employee. And now at the drop of a hat, we have an underwater stone so far, which can become a reason for refusal. And this is just a small issue of all those problems that can arise when registering as a VAT payer.

The experience and qualifications of our employees, backed by many years of practice, are a guarantee of legal security for your business.

Your cooperation with us will be unsophisticated and comfortable to the maximum, and it includes the following stages:

  • Initial consultation(Determination of your needs, our tasks and the type of legal support which will be the most optimal precisely based on the specifics of your activities)
  • Execution of a contract
  • Provision of recommendations on building a scheme of business processes in accordance with the optimal scheme providing security and minimum tax losses
  • Regular consultation on current issues of assistance and legal support depending on the package chosen in a form convenient for you

Law Firm “DOMINANTA” provides services in such areas:

  • determination of the need for registration as a VAT payer depending on the activities carried out and their volumes;
  • filing a package of documents necessary for registration of a VAT payer;
  • registration of a VAT payer;
  • subscriber service of a taxpayer;
  • tax consulting.
Service Optimal * Premium *
Collection of necessary data and identification of customer needs
Legal and tax audit of existing or planned activities  
Determination of the need to register as a VAT payer
Filing a package of documents necessary for registration
Filling in a due application form
Registration of a VAT payer
Analysis and optimization of the possible tax burden  
Tax analysis of planned operations  
Setting of document management  
Development of standard forms of primary documentation  

Unlimited opportunities

You can register as a VAT payer all by yourself, but you must pay attention to certain twists and turns in the first place. In order to become a VAT payer nowadays, there are two options for registration according to the general taxation system: obligatory and voluntary. If you decided to register as a VAT payer voluntarily, then you just need to fill out the Application Form No. 1-VAT (Article 183 of the Tax Code of Ukraine, Appendix 1 to the Regulations on Registration of VAT Payers). The Application should be submitted not later than 20 calendar days before the beginning of the tax period (Article 183.3 of the Tax Code of Ukraine), since when you plan to become a VAT payer. The important point is the deadline for submitting the Application – if the last day falls on a weekend (holiday) day, then your deadline ends on the last working day before the weekend (holiday) day. Skipping such a deadline will lead to the fact that the issue of registration is postponed for another month.

In case of a voluntary registration, controlling authorities can claim documentary confirmation of your VAT transactions, although the Code does not explicitly provide for the provision of such information.

Article 181 of the Tax Code of Ukraine contains the requirements regarding the conditions for obligatory registration of a VAT payer, for which it is necessary to fill in the same application form No. 1-VAT, however, it must be submitted no later than the 10th day of the calendar month, following the month in which, for the first time, such a volume of taxable transactions is reached.

Why us?

Law Firm “DOMINANTA” has many years of experience in providing services in the market of tax and legal relations. Our qualified specialists will be able to protect your rights and substantiate the legal position without leaving the fiscal authorities a chance to refuse registration as a VAT payer on formal grounds. We will help you both with voluntary and obligatory registration of a VAT payer.

We work for your success!