LLC registration

Registration of LLC

To conduct legal business in Ukraine, it is necessary to register as a sole proprietor (SP) or create a legal entity in the form of a limited liability company (LLC). It is LLC that is the most common form for business organization. This is due to the ease and convenience in using this type of legal entity. About 70% of enterprises in Ukraine are limited liability companies.

You can carry out the registration of a LLC by yourself

All requirements to the constituent documents and the registration procedure are outlined in the law. Despite the detailed regulation of the establishment procedure, having decided to create a company, entrepreneurs face a number of difficulties.

The most common are:

  • correct definition of the types of activities (Standard Industrial Classification);
  • determination of the necessary list of documents for the registration of an LLC;
  • preparation of constituent documents in accordance with the legislation;
  • submission of documents in correct order;
  • refusal to accept documents due to the submission of incomplete package of documents;
  • refusal to register an LLC in connection with the incompatibility of the Charter or the constituent protocol with legislation;
  • choice of taxation system or determination of the need for registration as a VAT taxpayer;
  • definition of the structure of executive bodies (director, directorate), restriction of their powers.

Our experts have considerable experience in the field of registration, which makes it possible to compile documents of a firm according to all norms and requirements of legislation and to create enterprises practically with minimal participation from your side.

You will need to come to our office twice, and we will do the rest by ourselves.

The scheme of cooperation with our company is as follows:

  • Consultation in the office of Law Firm “Dominanta”
  • Determination and selection of a package of services
  • Receipt of the necessary information for the registration of LLC from the customer
  • Signing of constituent documents in the office of Law Firm “Dominanta”
  • Registration of the LLC and its registration in tax authorities
  • Transfer of the document on state registration to the customer
  • Customer support if necessary

If you have free time and wish to save money on the services of experts, it is possible to create an LLC by yourself. To do this, you need to take the following steps:

Stage No. 1

The choice of the name of company and its verification for being unique in the register of legal entities; selection of types of economic activities (Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities) on the basis of directions of company’s activities.

Stage No. 2

Drawing up a constituent protocol in which the name, location, founders of the company, the amount of the authorized capital and the distribution of shares in it, information on the executive body (director, directorate) of the enterprise should be indicated. Drawing up a Charter where, in addition to the information about the director, the object and purpose of activities, the procedure for allocating profits and losses, management bodies and their competence, the procedure for signing the constituent documents and introducing changes in them, the procedure for the formation and decision-making of internal control bodies, the formation of the authorized capital and relief fund, the procedure for the liquidation and reorganization of the company should be specified.

Stage No. 3

Filling in the application for state registration of the company (the application for simplified taxation system and VAT can be submitted simultaneously with the application for state registration) and filing the documents for registration of the company in the registration service, which is authorized to register LLCs in the city of Odessa and Odessa region.

Stage No. 4

Receipt of an extract of state registration of the LLC.

Stage No. 5

Opening a bank account and receiving an electronic digital signature.

As you can see, the work on registration of an LLC in Ukraine is rather painstaking, requiring a lot of time and holding a lot of nuances. In turn, we understand that an entrepreneur should be maximally focused on making managerial decisions and developing business. With the assistance of the Consulting Law Firm “Dominanta”, you will receive a ready-made company after spending time on only 2 consultations in our office.

Save yourself the bane when registering an LLC, let it be done by professionals.

In 2016, Law Firm “Dominanta” registered 296 business entities in Odessa, of which 200 are limited liability companies.

We can confidently state that our knowledge and experience is the key to the success of your business.