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Nowadays, for an entrepreneur who wants to successfully enter the market and conquer his consumers, it is necessary to offer a unique, high-quality and interesting product. One way to do this is to register a Trademark. By doing this you get the exclusive right to use the mark, the ability to prohibit any third party from using it, which leads to an increase in the value of your brand and products as well as other benefits.

However, using a trademark without registration, and having spent a huge amount of energy, resources, and most importantly having earned a positive reputation from the consumers – the business owner receives a claim about the illegal use of somebody’s trademark or discovers that his mark for goods and services is illegally used by third parties.

That is why modern conditions of tough competition make it extremely important to ensure the protection of own trademark. Using a trademark without registration, the risks of becoming a victim of unscrupulous competitors are rapidly increasing. You will not even notice that you will have to prove that the trademark belongs to you and try to prohibit its illegal use by other persons.

The specialists of our company have all the necessary knowledge and practical skills, possess unique tools to ensure the protection of the rights of their customers on trademarks at the highest level. We follow global changes, trends in the legal regulation of legal relations in the field of registration and use of trademarks, we think globally and focus not only on the national tools to protect your rights, but also use international methods.

The scheme of cooperation with our company is as follows:

  1. preliminary consultation in our office;

  2. choosing the most beneficial package of cooperation by the customer;

  3. obtaining initial data and documents from the Customer;

  4. executing the necessary documentation, preparation of a full package for submission to the authorized body;

  5. getting the finished result of the service.

To ensure the most profitable and convenient cooperation options, we offer you the following service packages:

1)Standard” package: we guarantee within its scope:

  • consultation of the applicant regarding the decorative appearance of the trademark to be registered;

  • consultation of the applicant and selection of the necessary classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services;

  • preparation of applications for registration and receipt of protection documents for the trademark.

The cost of the service package is from 2,500 UAH. *

  1. Optimal” package: “standard” package + we additionally guarantee:

  • organization of a preliminary search for a trademark in the database of already registered trademarks, preparation of a report on the degree of risk when registering the trademark in the desired form;

  • handling the formalities of the compact procedure for the trademark registration procedure;

  • full support of the trademark registration procedure, correspondence with the authorized registration authority;

  • drawing up claims to third parties in case of illegal use of a registered trademark prior to receipt of a protection document.

The cost of the service package is from 5,000 UAH. *

  1. Business” package: provides for the international registration of a trademark and includes:

  • consultation of the applicant, determination of the list of targeted countries to be registered in;

  • preparation of necessary documents, their submission to the authorized body;

  • dialoging, consultation with the authorized body.

  • getting the finished result of the service.

The cost of the service package is 7,500 UAH. *

*this amount does not include: the cost of preliminary search, speeding up the registration procedure; government fees and administrative fees as they are determined based on the type of each trademark, the number of classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services.

If you have decided to independently carry out the necessary activities in order to register and protect your copyright on the trademark, we recommend that you take into account the following tips:

    1. check the availability of similar and already registered trademarks before registering your trademark;

    2. choose the right classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services;

    3. pay attention to the preparation of the application and arrange it in accordance with the established requirements;

    4. make the necessary administrative payments on time and submit the original bank receipts to the authorized body.

Based on many years of work experience, the experts of Law Firm “Dominanta” recommend that ambitious and progressive entrepreneurs give proper consideration of trademark protection issues. Having earned the professional support, you will not only protect your business, but also get a very valuable intangible asset in the form of registered trademark rights.

We work for your success!