Register foreign companies

Registration of foreign companies

Despite the recent global trends in the field of deoffshorization and the active efforts of many world governments to stop the outflow of capital in tax-free jurisdictions, offshore companies (from the English “outlandish”) have not lost their relevance. Here are just some of the reasons to register an offshore company:

  • no taxes and financial statements;
  • business structuring to protect against a forcible takeover;
  • tax-free sale of assets;
  • confidential ownership of real estate and business.

Registration of an offshore company gives you the opportunity to protect your business and assets, legally reduce the amount of tax deductions and avoid many bureaucratic procedures in the field of company registration and currency control. A wide selection of jurisdictions and the ability to build almost any structure for your business open up great opportunities for risk management and cost optimization for our customers.

Our experts will help you choose a jurisdiction and create the structure that is most suitable for your business goals. At the same time, we provide a high degree of confidentiality and protection of information during the registration of offshore companies.

The most popular are offshore companies in Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, and Panama. The registration period of such a company does not exceed 3 weeks and requires a minimum package of documents: a copy of a passport for traveling abroad, an identification code and registration information, including temporary registration. If necessary, it is possible to open a bank account in Cyprus or the Baltic States.

In addition to registering offshore companies, Law Firm “Dominanta” provides services for the registration and support of onshore companies (from the English “within the coast”) located in respectable low-tax jurisdictions. A company in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein or Cyprus will increase the credibility of your business and will make it possible to use all the advantages of international double taxation treaties in your activities. Such companies are indispensable in the construction of international tax planning schemes and allow their owners to open an account with any bank in the world.