Acquisition of citizenship

Foreigners who wish to establish a stable and unlimited legal relationship with our state must undergo the procedure for registering citizenship.

However, it should be kept in mind that the right to acquire citizenship arises by virtue of the law only in specific cases and with the simultaneous observance of certain obligations. This is a rather lengthy and troublesome process that will force you to rush from pillar to post in search of the necessary documents. In addition, in order to acquire the citizenship of Ukraine, it is necessary either to withdraw from the citizenship of the country of residence or to file a declaration of withdrawal from it, which is also an additional troublesome procedure.

Lawyers of our firm provide a full range of services for both residents of Odessa and for guests of our city by supporting the procedure for obtaining citizenship. The specialists of our company have all the necessary skills and abilities to ensure that our customers receive a result that exceeds their expectations. We will provide full legal support, representation of interests in the necessary bodies and institutions in order to promptly pass the preparatory stage and submit the documents for obtaining this status.

The scheme of cooperation with our company can be stated as follows:

  • primary consultation in our office where we will determine the necessary steps to pass the citizenship registration procedure
  • receiving and analyzing customer’s documents by our specialists
  • choosing the most optimal package of services by the customer
  • executing a contract for provision of the legal services
  • handling the formalities for citizenship

We strive to create comfortable and favorable terms of cooperation for our customers, therefore we offer the following service packages to choose:

If you have the time, the opportunity and the desire to go through the procedure for registering citizenship by yourself, we recommend that you take into account the following practical tips.

The legislator has established that the acquisition of citizenship is possible on the following grounds:

  • upon the fact of birth on the territory of Ukraine;
  • upon the territorial origin of certain categories of relatives;
  • as a result of adoption of the citizenship;
  • when restoring previously lost citizenship;
  • when adopting or establishing guardianship over the citizens of Ukraine;
  • when one or both parents of the child have citizenship of Ukraine;
  • when establishing or recognizing paternity/maternity;
  • on other grounds provided for by international law.

We will consider the procedure for taking out citizenship of Ukraine in more detail, because it is the most difficult, since those foreign citizens take to it, who previously had no direct ties with the state before immigration, and this fact explains the close attention to them.

So, themain condition for naturalization is the continuous (one-time trip is allowed for not more than 90 days, and in the amount of 180 days within 1 year) stay in its territory during the last 5 years (for the period starting from the date of issue of the immigration permit). The exception is immigrants who have been living in a registered marriage with Ukrainian citizens for more than 2 years (or the marriage lasted more than 2 years and ended with the death of the spouse-citizen).

As for the general list of documents, it looks as follows:

  • three photos (of size 35 x 45 mm);
  • an obligation to terminate foreign citizenship (or a declaration of its absence for stateless persons);
  • notarized translation of a foreign travel document;
  • a copy of a permanent residence permit;
  • one of the following documents:
    • a document on the level of the state language or its understanding in an amount sufficient for communication (issued in Ukraine by the head of an educational institution, local executive authority or executive body of local self-government);
    • a copy of the certificate or an excerpt from the diploma academic record – for a person who has a document on the graduation from the institution with the study of the Ukrainian language;
  • a document confirming the availability of legal sources for existence during the last six months at the time of applying for Ukrainian citizenship (a document confirming the amount of funds in the bank account in the amount of at least 20 minimum subsistence levels can be applied (from May 01, 2017 – 1,684 UAH * 12 = 20,300 UAH) per person;
  • a certificate of good conduct in the country of residence.

When applying for Ukrainian citizenship, one of the parents has the right to declare the desire to simultaneously get citizenship for his/her children (additional documents on children: copies of birth certificates, foreign passports, copies of the passport of the second parent, an obligation to terminate the citizenship of children, and in the case of reaching the age of 14 + consent of a child for acquisition of citizenship).

After making a positive decision on granting citizenship, in order to complete the procedure and to obtain a passport, a person is required to file a declaration of renunciation of foreign citizenship or a certificate of withdrawal from the citizenship.

It should be remembered that each situation is unique, that is why to independently pass the procedure for obtaining citizenship, you should study the requirements of the law which will apply to you personally in detail. However, if you need qualified help and support during the course – the lawyers of our firm will be glad to help you.

We strive for best results!