Obtaining of permanent residence permit

It is extremely important to draw up a proper document for foreign citizens who plan to focus their center of vital interests in Ukraine without restrictions of temporary staying on its territory. Living in a country without a proper legal basis can result in negative consequences in the form of a ban on entry, forced deportation, etc.

A permanent residence permit (hereinafter – a PRP) in the territory of Ukraine grants the holder the same rights as the citizens of Ukraine have but with a few exceptions.

The main problem of obtaining an PRP is that this procedure is passed in two stages: at the first stage, it is necessary to formalize the basis for obtaining it – an immigration permit. However, it is issued only to certain categories of persons and within the established quota. In addition, it is legally stipulated that the duration of the first stage is approximately one year. Considering this fact, it is necessary not to exceed the legal period of stay on the territory of Ukraine, and also to collect a certain list of documents in your country of residence. The second stage is less complicated and provides for a formal procedure for obtaining the PRP itself.

To effectively solve the problems with the above inconveniences and ensure a positive result, the lawyers of our firm will provide a full range of services for obtaining a PRP. Specialists of our company do not have only necessary practical knowledge and skills, but also provide an individual approach to the solution of each problem.

We offer the following cooperation scheme for potential customers:

  • primary consultation in our office where we will determine the legal status of the foreigner and possible options for obtaining a PRP
  • receiving and analyzing customer’s documents by our specialists, development of a procedure for obtaining a PRP
  • choosing the most optimal package of services by the customer
  • executing a contract for provision of the legal services
  • obtaining a PRP

Our company provides a wide range of cooperation opportunities, taking into account different requests and situations of customers. So, we offer the following packages of services:

To handle the formalities for a PRP, it is necessary:

to correctly analyze own legal status in order to identify the grounds for obtaining an immigration permit.

So, you can get permission to immigrate within the quota if you have the following family ties:

  • full brother/sister, grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter/grandson of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • previously had Ukrainian citizenship;
  • are the parent, spouse of the person who already has the PRP (and also minor children of such person);

Beyond the quota according to “family reasons”, the permits are issued to:

  • a spouse-foreigner living in a marriage with a citizen of Ukraine for more than 2 years;
  • children and parents of Ukrainian citizens;
  • persons who are entitled to acquire citizenship by territorial origin;
  • guardians/trustees of citizens of Ukraine;
  • foreign Ukrainians, their spouses and children in case of their joint entry.

If there are neither reasons mentioned above, nor you are:

  • an especially important figure in culture and science
  • a highly qualified specialist
  • a refugee or a person granted asylum (after 3 years of residence)
  • a victim of human trafficking

The last chance to get a PRP is to invest in the Ukrainian economy a hundred or more thousand USD.

We have developed an investment model which enables you to return the money invested by you as soon as possible on a legal basis.

it is further required to collect a package of documents that will depend on the basis on which you receive the immigration permit, but the general part for all cases looks like this:

  • a copy of passport + a notarized translation;
  • a medical certificate;
  • a certificate of clean criminal record and about the place of registration in the country of residence;
  • a statement about family members, a copy of the marriage certificate (if any);
  • a notarized consent of the landlord to register at a Ukrainian address as well as his title documents;
  • the Tax Payer Number (if any).

After filing the documents for an immigration permit, you must receive a result within a period of up to one year. After this, the receipt of the PRP itself will take 7 days only.

As you can see, the passage of the entire procedure without legal support is theoretically possible. However, we draw your attention to the fact that the efforts of many foreigners have been negated due to a lot of nuances which are there in the labyrinths of the Ukrainian migration legislation. Take care of your nerves and money, save time and shift the burden of communication with Ukrainian officials to professionals and you will get a guaranteed result.

We strive for best results!