Voluntary and obligatory registration of a VAT payer.
Administrative and judicial appeal of tax decisions.
Comprehensive support of tax audits, verification of the legality of grounds for conducting an audit, preparation of responses to tax inquiries as part of the audit, monitoring the actions of tax authorities during the audit and observance of taxpayer rights.
Development of business-building schemes, optimization of taxation, tax consulting, legal and tax audit.

Tax Law

Tax law

Everyone knows the expression of Benjamin Franklin: “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. Indeed, taxes are the price everyone pays for the opportunity to live in a civilized society, and therefore everyone is obliged to pay taxes, but it is important that the taxpayer is confident that the amount of tax is justified both from a legal and economic points of view.

The tax law has many hidden rocks that can take your business down.

It is rather unstable, changes frequently, and the contradictions of certain norms sometimes create additional difficulties for business representatives when they try to sort them out.

It’s no secret that our fiscal bodies, despite their declaring that they “set face towards the taxpayer”, still continue to act according to the principle – you need to squeeze everything possible and impossible now and immediately regardless of the consequences for a particular business. The situation in the country and the constant budget deficit do not give grounds to hope for liberalization of the position of fiscal officials in the near future.

There are a lot of examples in life, when after claims of tax officials, entrepreneurs and businesses went bankrupt and just stopped their activities.

So, according to unofficial monitoring data, only for the first two months of 2017 the number of private entrepreneurs decreased by more than 128 thousand.

This is partially facilitated by the intricacies of tax legislation, which is like the Labyrinth of the Minotaur and is aimed at making the taxpayer lost in it and becoming its hostage.

But there is an exit from any labyrinth, the main thing is to have a good guide.

Law Firm “Dominanta” is a reliable guide to your business in tax law.

The key to successful conducting of your business is the proper planning of its tax burden. Your profit margin directly depends on the amount of taxes paid. On this basis, it becomes necessary to optimize the taxation system as much as possible at the initial stage – the legislation provides for various tax discounts, benefits, refund of VAT paid and other mechanisms which contribute to a significant reduction in the amount of taxes payable. The main issue is to think out the structure and the scheme of work that are suitable for your business considering all the specifics of its operation.

Law Firm “DOMINANTA” provides a full range of services on legal support of activities in matters of tax law from the moment of registration and conduct of business to resolving disputes with the tax authorities. If you put yourself in our hands, you will reliably protect your business from illegal decisions and actions of controlling bodies. We will individually develop an optimal model of work for you in which your tax deductions will cease to be burdensome.

The key to our success is a well-trained and well-coordinated team of specialists. Continuous improvement and experience enable us to solve problems of any complexity at the expert level. In our staff, there are 6 attorneys and 5 leading lawyers, including two candidates of science.

Our attorneys and lawyers have been successfully supporting the activities of our clients for many years by preventing and resolving tax disputes. Providing a full range of services in the field of taxation, our team optimizes the taxation system of your activities, and it will allow you to receive the maximum amount of profit.

The professionalism of our experts in tax law will enable you to use legal ways to minimize financial losses to the business thereby giving it the opportunity to grow and develop.

We will develop the most beneficial options for you to build a business and taxation system, conduct a legal audit of your activities, and support complex business transactions, and we will defend your interests both during tax inspections, minimizing their negative consequences, and by effective execution of administrative or judicial appeals against the decisions of fiscal bodies.

Our priority is to protect interests of our clients.

We adhere to the principles of openness, honesty, professionalism and efficiency in solving your problems. In addition, we pay significant attention to the protection of information, and you can be sure of maintaining the complete confidentiality of any information including commercial secrets. We provide services in both face-to-face and remote modes. We use modern technologies and it guarantees that you promptly get qualified advice on any problem which is urgent for you.

If necessary, we can conduct an on-site audit to assess not only the completeness and accuracy of documentary support of your activities, but also its correct organization in the context of safety and preparedness of employees for various emergency situations, for example, for inspections.

Your cooperation with us will be unsophisticated and comfortable to the maximum.



Our services are divided into three packages:

Collection of necessary data and identification of customer needs.
Legal and tax audit of existing or planned activities.
Development of an optimal model for building a business.
Identification of risks in the proposed or existing model and preparation of measures for their leveling.
Choice of taxation system.
Registration as a tax payer (simplified system and with VAT).
Optimization of tax burden.
Tax analysis of planned situations.
Consultations on delivery of required reporting.
Consultations on maintaining records and drafting of primary documentation.
Development of a package of standard forms of primary documentation.
Consultations on the issues of requesting tax information.
Preparation of conclusions and responses to tax requests for delivery of information and documents.
Construction of a secure records system.
Consultations on communication with controlling agencies.
Support for all types of contacts with controlling agencies.
Consultations on the conduct of employees while searches, seizures and other procedural actions in the framework of criminal proceedings are carried out.
Conduct of trainings for employees on communication with the controlling agencies.
Support of all procedural actions in the framework of criminal proceedings.
Assistance in choosing a bank and working with banks on the necessary list of banking operations.
Conclusion on economic and legal issues related to economic transactions.
Consultations on customs law.
Assistance in processing customs documents.
Support of economic expertise.
Analysis of primary documentation for legal and tax implications.
Preparation of recommendations for the elimination or concealment of previously committed violations.
Consultations on charge (deduction) and payment of all types of taxes.
Support of tax inspections.
Preparation of objections to inspection acts.
Administrative appeal against actions and decisions of tax authorities and their officials.

Further servicing of activities is discussed individually.

A particular advantage of our team is the presence of employees specializing in international tax planning and foreign economic activities.

We are the ones who will help your business grow and develop.