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Advantages of tax planning

The initial stage of opening your own business is to forecast the tax burden and to bring the business structure to the model in which such a load will be minimal and will enable you not only to make a profit but will ensure the further development of your business.

The level of profitability and the rate of return of business directly depend on the amount of taxes payable.

The aim of doing any business is to make a profit. The more successful the business is, the greater the profit is to be. But unfortunately, in the Ukrainian reality, we often come across a practice when, at first glance, a successful business does not bring us the desired income. A large number of different kinds of taxes and other compulsory payments often prevent the business from developing. The root cause of this problem often lies in the tax burden which the companies with the improperly formed business structure are exposed to.

The opportunities for your business lie in the Tax Code and not only there

When planning your business, it is necessary to anticipate all the nuances of its taxation in advance. Depending on the activities you will be engaged in, you can choose a general or simplified taxation system. It is necessary to carefully examine what tax incentives and discounts you can reckon upon, what costs you can generate and whether the tax credit for VAT will be refunded, who your counterparties will be – residents or non-residents, and it will eventually influence the base and the tax rate.

The nuances of legislation, a lot of referential norms, and branching of the fiscal bodies oblige to take responsibility for tax planning, otherwise sanctions are inevitable! Their number and amounts will be a severe blow to your business. Well-planned taxation will enable you to make the most efficient use of the opportunities provided by the legislator and to get the maximum profit from your activities.

Law Firm “DOMINANTA” provides first-class services on tax planning for your business:

  • strategic planning, including the study of laws, by-laws and judicial practice;
  • selection of the organizational and legal form of the company;
  • dislocation of the company and its subsidiaries in the most favorable location;
  • use of various resident and non-resident companies to develop a business model;
  • analysis of various forms of transactions and development of standard contracts for certain business transactions;
  • optimization of taxation: choice of a tax system which is beneficial just for you;
  • tax consulting and legal audit, prevention of tax risks;
  • tax analysis of planned operations and legal analysis of tax consequences and risks.

Your reliable partner – Law Firm “DOMINANTA”

Law Firm “DOMINANTA” will help to legally reduce the tax burden and create the most effective individual schemes of work, both for the long-term perspective and for the near future by adjusting to a specific situation.

In order to optimize taxation, our lawyers will offer you the most appropriate form of business organization and provide the correct and maximum use of all benefits established by law. We will help you choose the taxation system for both initiated and existing business projects taking into account exactly your needs and pointing out all their advantages and disadvantages.

Using all its experience and professionalism, the team of Law Firm “DOMINANTA” will develop the most effective and practically justified solutions to the issues concerning taxation of your business and taking into account its specificity and the field of doing business. When working with the customer, we take all your requirements and wishes into account in full, and based on them, we will offer you the most optimal tax scheme meeting all the requirements of the legislation and using its innovations.

The experience and qualifications of our employees, backed by many years of practice, are a guarantee of legal security for your business.

Your cooperation with us will be unsophisticated and comfortable to the maximum

  • Initial consultation (Determination of your needs, our tasks and the type of legal support which will be the most optimal precisely based on the specifics of your activities)
  • Execution of a contract
  • Provision of recommendations on building a scheme of business processes in accordance with the optimal scheme providing security and minimum tax losses
  • Regular consultation on current issues of assistance and legal support depending on the package chosen in a form convenient for you

Comprehensive tax services

Service Optimal Premium
Collection of necessary data and identification of customer needs
Legal and tax audit of existing or planned activities  
Development of an optimal model for building a business
Identification of risks in the proposed or existing model and preparation of measures for their leveling
Choice of taxation system
Registration as a tax payer (simplified system and with VAT)
Analysis and optimization of the possible tax burden  
Tax analysis of planned situations  
Recommendations on models for the use of beneficiaries and counterparties located in low-tax jurisdictions  
Registration of legal entities in offshore/onshore or low-tax jurisdictions  
Setting of document management  
Development of standard forms of primary documentation