Handling the formalities for a temporary residence permit The issue of legalizing the stay of foreigners is especially relevant for Odessa both as a tourist capital and one of the business centers of Ukraine.
Handling the formalities for a work permit The permit for employment in Ukraine today is not only the basis for obtaining a residence permit, but also the possibility of legal earnings for foreigners.
Obtaining a permanent residence permit It is extremely important to draw up a proper document for foreign citizens who plan to focus their center of vital interests in Ukraine without restrictions of temporary staying on its territory.
Obtaining citizenship Foreigners who wish to establish a stable and unlimited legal relationship with our state must undergo the procedure for registering citizenship.

Migration Law

Immigration law

Legalization of a foreigner’s residence in Ukraine is always a complex, multi-stage and lengthy process. The above characteristics are determined by the peculiarities of both the national migration legislation and the unique life circumstances of each immigrant, which determine the specifics of this procedure for each of them.

It is possible to take a shot and to independently draw up a legal basis for a legal stay on the territory of Ukraine (temporary or permanent residence permit, citizenship) or official employment, however, be prepared for unpleasant surprises, as it is extremely difficult for a foreigner to independently understand a multitude of normative legal acts and to follow the procedure precisely.

The lawyers of Law Firm “DOMINANTA” have practical experience and all the necessary knowledge to provide their clients with a full range of legal services and guarantee positive results. We will advise on the procedure for processing the document of interest to you with determining the exact cost and timing for receipt.

Our attorneys dealing with immigration issues will carry out in the shortest possible time and with the least of your involvement:

  • Handling the formalities for a temporary residence permit for whatever reason;
  • Renewal, exchange of a temporary residence permit;
  • Handling the formalities for an immigration permit and a permanent residence permit;
  • Exchange of a permanent residence permit upon reaching the age of 25 or 45, or in other cases provided for by law;
  • Registration of a place of residence for a foreigner;
  • Handling the formalities for a work permit on the territory of Ukraine;
  • Renewal of a work permit, introduction of amendments to the permit;
  • Legal support of the procedure for acquiring citizenship of Ukraine;
  • Other migration services required by the client.в

Lawyers of Law Firm “DOMINANTA” will provide an individual approach to solving each task. In addition, we monitor all adopted and even planned legislative changes to ensure a timely, optimal and legally effective way to achieve the goals desired by a client.

At the same time, the timing factor is important for all migration procedures. Our attorneys will provide the preparation of the necessary documents with strict observance of both the deadlines for the legal stay of foreigners in Ukraine, and will ensure the most effective interaction with the migration authorities to obtain ready-made documents without delays and bureaucratic footdragging.

The comprehensive approach to solving any of your problems will be the main advantage of working with us, because our team combines lawyers specializing not only in migration law, but also in all other fields. We will pleasantly surprise you with a wide range of our services, as well as a high-quality level they are provided at.