Development and verification of labor contracts (agreements). Implementation of non-disclosure and confidential information regime in a company. Appointment and dismissal of the director (chief accountant). Implementation of employment policies and procedures. Development of contracts for IT professionals. Briefing before the search, and many other things.
Preparation of various agreements, contracts. Support of transactions, negotiations. Mediation.
Our attorneys and lawyers will provide not only high-quality legal assistance, but will also find unique solutions for your specific situations.

Corporate practice

 Corporate practice

Corporate practice is one of the key areas of activity of Law Firm “DOMINANTA”. The extensive practical experience of lawyers, the continuous improvement of their professional level as well as the development and adaptation to the needs of the market in the field of corporate law enable our attorneys to guarantee clients the provision of services at the highest quality level.

Our lawyers provide clients with advice on current issues of business activities and help implement large investment projects, provide comprehensive legal support for the business activities of entire enterprises, and provide a diverse range of other types of legal assistance.

We provide comprehensive legal support in various aspects of the company’s activities related to the corporate sphere, namely:

  • Providing the registration of a business, comprehensive legal support of its activities, registration of necessary changes in constituent documents and SER;
  • Business reorganization, and, if necessary, liquidation of a company, support of bankruptcy procedures;
  • Preparation of all necessary internal documentation of the company, organization of paperwork and registration of labor relations;
  • Legal support for the implementation of the regime for the protection of information sensitivity and trade secrets, personal data;
  • Organization of contractual work in the company, development and examination of all types of contracts;
  • Representation of client interests in negotiations with counterparties;
  • Structuring, optimization and support procedures for the conclusion of all types of transactions;
  • Advice on tax law and tax planning;
  • Legal and tax audit;
  • Legal services in support of obtaining the necessary permits (licenses, permits, accreditations, etc.);
  • Representation and protection of interests in relations with administrative authorities (fiscal, law enforcement, customs, antitrust);
  • Conducting a comprehensive study of business activities (due diligence);
  • Legal support for corporate dispute resolution procedures;
  • TM registration, protection of copyright and other rights in the field of intellectual property;
  • Investment support and protection;
  • Support of foreign economic activities;
  • Carrying-out claim-related work;
  • Providing advice in any field of law.

In addition, one of the most important factors in the effectiveness of a company is corporate governance. We will provide business owners with the necessary advice and legal registration of well-coordinated activities of the company structure. Continuous development of professional skills and competencies are the foundation of our philosophy. We strive to improve knowledge in various fields of law, participate in conferences, seminars, trainings, prepare daily publications on various pressing business issues on the corporate website.

The indisputable advantage of working with us is that you receive legal assistance from several specialists in various fields of law, who find a comprehensive solution to the issue, and prevent possible associated risks.

Moreover, the main priority of the activity of Law Firm “DOMINANTA” is to protect the interests of our clients, and you will be convinced of that when you make decision to cooperate with us!