Rapid liquidation

Express Liquidation of an Enterprise

In order to close an enterprise in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, a minimum period of 2 months is required. In practice, such a process is often longer than a year. An express liquidation is an ideal alternative for those who do not wish to go all the way through the closure process for whatever reason. Its essence lies in the fact that a business owner re-registers his business officially to another person and no longer has anything to do with it.

In case of an express liquidation, you will not have to stop the activities of the company, undergo inspections in the tax authorities and the pension fund, make up an inventory, pay off creditors and employees, organize the transfer of all documentation to the archive.

The lawyers of Law Firm “Dominanta” will conduct a comprehensive support of the procedure for the purchase and sale of corporate rights. We will help you find a new owner for your company and prepare all the necessary documents properly. You will be notified of all the intricacies associated with such a procedure.

After completion of the re-registration procedure, we will deliver a full package of documents confirming the alienation of corporate rights to you.

The scheme of cooperation with our company is as follows:

  1. Consultation in the office of Law Firm “Dominanta”;

  2. Obtaining information about the activities of the company, studying tax reports for the last year and the balance sheet;

  3. Determining the cost of services, depending on the information received;

  4. Organizing the re-registration of the company (notarization of the constituent documents in the new edition and the contract of sale and purchase of corporate rights);

  5. Registration of changes in the register of legal entities;

  6. Conducting the liquidation procedure of the company.

The service for express liquidation includes:

  • change of company director;

  • change of legal address;

  • support of the transaction for the re-registration of corporate rights, including the preparation of all necessary documents;

  • acceptance of the company’s documentation for storage and its registration in an acceptance and transfer certificate;

  • state registration of the change in the composition of participants.

The cost of a package of services for express liquidation depends on the volume of financial activities, the duration of the enterprise’s existence, the availability of accounts payable and starts from the amount of 37,000 UAH.

By making use of our services on express liquidation, you can be confident in its success. Taking an order, we thoroughly analyze your company in details and the specifics of its activities. Then we study in depth all options of the termination and its possible consequences.

We have considerable experience in the creation and termination of companies of all legal forms, so we are able to provide services at a high level, in particular, on express liquidation.

We work for your success!