Договорное право

It is difficult to argue with the fact that each of us makes daily contracts without exception. Every time you pay – you sign a contract. This can be a contract for the carriage of a passenger (from a common trip by tram to air travel), purchase and sale (from going to a supermarket before selling real estate, business), providing services, etc.

We are constantly in contractual legal relationships without realizing it, but we do not always pay proper attention to the fact. With such an approach, the likelihood of negative consequences is very high, and it is extremely difficult to find an effective solution in a stressful situation. This is the reason for the insurance payments to be lost, and you receive a debt notification on a supposedly closed loan after a year term, or you receive a shipment of broken glass instead of a party of crystal glasses without compensation, because you did not take the terms of the signed and inattentively read contract into consideration. Such cases, unfortunately, occur more often than we would like.

Some managers of enterprises use a contract provided by a contractor or a template downloaded on the Internet when drawing up contracts for the sake of economy. The fact that every contractual relationship is unique has been proven in practice! A ready-made template that will meet your needs and protect your interests can be neither downloaded nor received from a counter-party even more so.

Competent execution of a contract is a ticket to success of its execution properly, as well as a guarantee of protection of your interests in case of breach of obligations by a counterpart. Special attention should be given to contractual formalization when conducting investment activities. When drawing up such contracts it is extremely important to “write out” all the essential conditions, such as: terms of execution, the price of the contract, guarantees, liability of the parties, the concept of force majeure circumstances, etc., with the definition of a clear mechanism for their application. The terms of a contract without the practical possibility of their implementation often become an empty set of words.

Our consultants have a unique experience of successful work in the provision of legal services to support the registration of contractual activities. For more than 14 years we have been developing contracts of absolutely different levels of complexity: from three-page contracts of intentions to the contracts of general construction on 50 sheets plus the appendices to them.

Our attorneys and lawyers will not only develop a draft agreement individually for you, but also hold negotiations and justify each item protecting your rights and interests without missing any attempts to impose obviously unprofitable terms for you in the agreement.

The guarantee of high quality of work is undoubtedly our team. Its representatives have a great practical experience in drafting and supporting the implementation of all types of contracts. We guarantee the most profound study of all important issues at the expert level.

Our team includes: 6 attorneys, 5 leading lawyers, three of whom specialize exclusively in contract law. They will ensure the development of an agreement for you: purchase, sale, gift, supply, contracting, leasing, barter, loan, hire, borrowing, surety, insurance, contract, leasing, transportation, transport forwarding, commission, contract for the provision of all types of services, investment and license agreements, lifetime maintenance contracts, marriage contracts, property sharing contracts, as well as any other contracts, the existence of which is possible under the current legislation.

Law Firm “DOMINANTA” offers you the following scheme of cooperation:

  • initial consultation in the office, where we jointly determine a type of contract required
  • selection of a suitable package of services by the client
  • signing a contract for the provision of legal services
  • the final meeting to give the finished result to the client

*in case of client’s request, we offer a “mobile” form of cooperation, which ensures the order of services and the provision of a finished result using electronic means of information exchange

If you have decided to do everything on contractual work by yourself, we recommend to take the following steps:

  • to verify the counter-party (for “life activity”, tax discipline, etc.);
  • to determine for yourself the ultimate goal that you want to achieve as a result of the implementation of this contract;
  • to find out what essential conditions should be indicated exactly for your type of contract;
  • to clearly list: the subject of contract; terms; the price, the cases of its change; requirements for the quality of the product / service; rights, duties, responsibilities of the parties and mechanisms for its application.

As for a contractual relationship, the saying that it does not matter how it looks outside, but most importantly what’s inside is very much to the point. If you are offered to sign any contract, carefully read its contents before doing that. Sometimes one comma can radically change the meaning of the whole point, turning the right into a duty. It will be correct to seek advice from a specialist. To prevent negative consequences is much easier and cheaper than to trying to eliminate them.

We work for your success!