Accounting outsourcing

Any business manager is aware that it is possible to remain competitive in the modern rapidly changing external environment only by focusing on the main business processes. On how to make the business more efficient and subsequently more profitable.

A lot of time, resources and forces are taken away by the problems connected with maintenance of accounting and tax records, preparation of different reports, the payment of taxes, and communication with regulatory authorities. To perform these tasks, the appropriate personnel is selected for the staff, the control over their work is carried out and wages are certainly paid.

The more increased the focus of a person is, the higher his competence is in it. However, the employment of such an experienced and highly qualified financial expert on a full-time basis is very expensive. Concerning small and medium-sized businesses, it does not make sense to have an accountant in the staff; it is more effective to make use of accounting services. This is accounting outsourcing.

Law Firm “Dominanta” offers a full-fledged outsourcing of accounting in accordance with national standards of Ukraine. Accounting and taxes, maintenance of all necessary registers and reports, personnel records, pay-roll preparation, accounting and payments.

We provide a wide range of services in the field of audit, accounting and personnel record keeping at all stages of business operation: from its registration to the moment of liquidation.

  • Audit of tax records maintenance
  • Check of accounting records of an enterprise
  • Audit of accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Inventory audit
  • Audit before liquidation, reorganization or bankruptcy

There are constant changes in the legislation of Ukraine, in particular in the field of accounting. The need for consultation on tax issues may arise both from an owner of a business, and an accountant with many years of experience. By working daily in this area, the experts of Law Firm “Dominanta” carefully monitor all legislative processes and judicial practice.

  • Consulting on accounting and taxation issues
  • Arrangement and automation of accounting
  • Preparation and processing of supporting documents
  • Maintenance of accounting records in all areas of activities
  • Paperwork of accounting documents
  • Preparation and delivery of reports to public authorities
  • Calculation of taxes and mandatory payments (unified social tax, personal income tax, military tax, profit tax, land tax, land rent, real property tax, single tax, etc.)
  • VAT accounting, registration of tax invoices
  • Preparation of pay-roll for employees, indexation, bonuses, increments, benefits, leave allowances
  • Execution of pay sheets, salary certificates
  • Representation of customers in tax authorities
  • Development and preparation of management accounts
  • Opening and closing of bank accounts
  • Registration of an electronic signature (Electronic Digital Signature) and a seal
  • Consultations on employment and labor law issues
  • Calculation of taxes and charges on wages
  • Maintenance of personnel records management: preparation of the staffing table, work schedules, orders for employment, discharge of employees, filling out of employment record books, keeping of time sheets and leave schedules
  • Preparation and delivery of reports to public authorities
  • Representation of the customer’s interests in the process of scheduled inspections
  • Obtaining of work permits for foreign nationals
  • • Arrangement and maintenance of accounting records for sole proprietors (business entities, individual entrepreneurs):
      using the single tax;
      using the general taxation system.
  • Automation and organization of internal accounting for sole proprietors
  • Preparation and submission of reports for sole proprietors
  • Calculation and payment of taxes
  • Registration of an electronic digital signature (EDS)
  • Preparation of personnel documents
  • Calculation of payroll for hired employees

Put your business ideas into practice!

We will do all administrative work from company registration to full support in accounting, tax accounting, personnel records maintenance, reporting, working with bank and representation when dealing with controlling agencies.